Find the perfect font. Web accessible. Pair it automatically.

If you are looking for a solution of matching the look & feel with your company with a font that will look identical across multiple browsers and computers, look no further than google fonts:

Google Fonts

These are a collection of free fonts, available for print or web.  You can provide your own headline or company name in the “Preview Text” section and choose a type-face that meets your requirements.

The following 3 websites also provide free-fonts, but many of these type-faces will be unavailable for your browser.  If your project is exclusively print-based and/or your web text can be converted to a graphic (i.e. a logo or header), these resources may be useful to you:

1001 Free Fonts

Font Squirrel



Here is some terminology that can help you communicate with your designer about the look and layout of the font that best suits your project.


the height of a font’s main body – not including ascenders or descenders
the space vertically between lines of text – name comes from the physical piece of lead that used to be used in mechanical printing process to separate lines of text
the line accross the bottom of a font’s x-height – discounting descenders
the amount a character’s horizontal space encroaches into it’s neighbour.
Point Size
or px size if using pixel based sizes for web – The font size in pixels or points
parts of a character which ‘ascend’ above it’s x-height – upper staff of a lower case b,d,t etc
parts of a character which ‘descend’ below it’s x-height – lower tail of a g or y etc.
the horizontal space between each character

Typography content borrowed from Typography 101 at

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