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Inspiring your creative direction
How Responsive is Your Website?

How Responsive is Your Website?

Optimized for phones? Oriented for tablets? Check your site here and find out if you're responsive. This great website will show you the way your website looks on several...

Logo Inspiration

Logo Inspiration

Get inspired, find a logo that captures you.  Select your favorites, noticing which aspects of each logo appeals to you most.  Attributes to bring your attention: color, simplicity / complexity, style, font, white space.  Once you mix and match your favorite design...

Business Card Inspirations

Business Card Inspirations

Your calling card deserves attention.  Set yourself apart with a unique expression of your distilled essence. There are plenty of free business card printers & simple templates available on the web.  If you want to set yourself apart from the rest, and give your...

Google Fonts & Typography

Google Fonts & Typography

Find the perfect font. Web accessible. Pair it automatically. If you are looking for a solution of matching the look & feel with your company with a font that will look identical across multiple browsers and computers, look no further than google fonts: Google...

Let's Get to Work

Tech Training

Make your Tech Work for You
  • You want to your technology to work for you.
  • I help to trouble shoot what isn’t working and answer your questions.
  • I was a former Apple™ Genius & One-to-One instructor
  • I know more than technology; I know how to teach to diverse learning-styles

Empower Your Digital Domain

If you’re serious about attracting and keeping clients, then you have a message to deliver, a unique selling proposition to market, and a reputation to uphold.  You need a online process that converts visitors to clients and a business workflow that saves you time and headaches.

I have the tools for your empowerment.

Your company’s brand is paramount; it provides a consistency that creates emotion and delivers your unique product or service to your target market. Your relationship with technology has the potential to save you time and money and deliver you the success you deserve. I can empower you with the tools and knowledge to make these dreams a reality.

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